iPad Mini and iPad 2 End of Life.

Many schools have iPad mini 1’s and iPad 2’s and iPad 3’s which have been passed the End Of Life (EOL) set by Apple for a couple of years.

These products are no longer being updated by Apple after iOS version 9.3.5.

What does this mean?

New and updated Apps on the AppStore can no longer be installed on these devices and vital security updates are no longer delivered.

Some older apps allow you to “download the last compatible version” but this version may not have all the features of the latest or be compatible with the updated cloud services they connect to. The Mobile Device Managers we use to install apps can’t deploy these old versions which greatly increases our management time.

Short Term these EOL devices will continue to work but will be vulnerable to security breaches and will be unable to use the latest features.

Long Term iPad mini’s, iPad 2’s and iPad 3’s should already have been highlighted for renewal or scaled back.

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