Ridge Community Primary School Website

In July 2016 we created a new website for Ridge Community Primary School using WordPress and a Theme created by us.

The Theme

Ridge opted to use the responsive Blocks theme used by a few other schools with their school colours applied to it.

On top of the customisation already in theme we added a plugin to apply their letterheads colours to the headings around the site.


The responsive blocks theme was updated to include an option to change the body text to Comic Neue although like with Comic Sans we suggest schools avoid using it.


Ridge had a unique feature of their old website called Home Learning which allowed pupils & parents to login and see all the given pupils passwords for online services.

Although the old system was actually independent of the old website moving to WordPress was the perfect opportunity to update it.

We re-created this system as a WordPress Plugin that can be easily transferred to any WordPress website. From the Admin interface a teacher can add a class, pupil & password for that pupil. They can then come back later and view all the password for their class.


The Ridge Website

You can view the new site here.

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