Shared iPad - Overview

Below is the flow of information to enable users to logon to a “Shared” iPad.

The existing user accounts on the on-premise server are the same accounts used to logon to the shared iPad.

e.g. pupil account = 17FirstName

When presented with the iPad login screen there are lists of pre-populated accounts in their respective school intake group i.e Intake2017, Intake2018, Intake2019 etc


When a child selects their name it will ask for an apple ID – this is their normal network username with and their existing password (this may have been reset)

On successful login the system will ask for a 4 digit pin – making it easier to login next time.

Top Tip: We would highly recommend making a note of each pupils’ unique 4 digit pin.

Once logged in pupils will have access to all the apps and more and their use will be monitored by the school Internet Filter.


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