School Internet Service Provider.

For many years a school’s internet connection has been the focal point but lacked the speed and flexibility by other providers and the local authority. With more services online the need and reliance has never been greater.
Having nearly 20 years experience supporting schools we have worked with quite a few ISPs and even more filtering systems and we are now proud to provide our own ISP Services. We work with leading communications partners to provide the best possible connections that meet all current filtering standards.

ISP Pricing

Single FTTC

Up to 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up.

£3000 p/a


Up to 900Mbps down and 220Mbps up.

£3000 p/a


Up to 150Mbps down and 40Mbps up.

£4000 p/a

gFast FTTC (BT)

Up to 300Mbps down and 35Mbps up.

£3000 p/a



Benefits include…..

Complete Control

Add VOIP Services to Reduce Costs

Add Redundancy and Resiliency

Advanced Web Analytics

Complete HTTPS Filtering

Real-Time Updates

Cost Effective Content Filtering

Guest Networks Creation

Unlike a traditional school ISP’s we don’t operate a walled garden this gives each and every school complete control of their internet connection.

No more “not being recommended” or “that’s not supported”. As long as it does not cause any safety or security issues within the network we can do it.

We will work with you to build a connection that does everything you need it to and more. You would not be a second class citizen on a bigger network anymore.

Speed is important to us, its just as important that a resources load quickly as it is that the resources are available. With the growing demand on school’s connections and Single FTTC connection may not be enough, which is why we offer a Dual FTTC connection. With a Dual FTTC connection you get 2 FTTC connections working together to give you double the speed. There is also the redundancy of failing over to a single line if needed.

If you receive IT Support from Ed-IT Solutions your engineer will be able to make changes instantly during their regular visits. Otherwise, remote support is included in the cost of the connection.

If you are intrested in taking up our ISP services talk to your engineer on their next visit or contact our office directly.

What you may lose

Espresso Education Discount

myLGfL Access

Audio Network & British Pathe

Filtering is achieved through our Partners at EXA and their SurfProtect Filtering for Education.

Surf Protect Features

Cloud-Based Excellence

Categorised Filtering

Complete HTTPS Filtering

Convenient Web Portal Customisation

Real-Time Updates

Active Directory Profile Creation

Advanced Web Analytics

Identifying Blocked Sites

Network-Level BYOD Filtering

Search and Social Filtering

Cost Effective Content Filtering

Need to actively monitor and Report to keep in line with the new DFE statutory guidance for Sept 2023?

Introducing Securus

Pupil Monitoring & Safeguarding Solutions in Education


Securus digital monitoring proactively keeps pupils safe in education with a global safeguarding footprint, bringing powerful monitoring protection & support to schools, colleges, MATs & all other education or child protection settings. For more information on both self-hosted and fully managed solutions give us a call or drop us an email.

All this for £999 per year.