IT Support

Our ethos

The last 18 years have taught us that no school is the same so how can your IT support be the same?

The pandemic has changed IT in a massive way so we have adapted our service to meet your needs.

Some schools have upskilled themselves and others have relied on us even more than before.

Never more has reliable IT and infrastructure been essential to teaching and learning.

This is why we are introduced two new IT support levels – Essential and Enhanced.


We have a number of policies which can be viewed here.

In response to the statutory guidance Keeping Children Safe In Education 2023 (KCSIE) we understand that our procedures form an essential role. Please see our full policy here.

Key features

Support Method Enhanced Standard Essential
Scheduled Onsite Engineer Visits
Remote Support – Servers & Infrastructure
Support Ticket Portal
Email Support
Installation of Software
Office 365/Gsuite Support
Repairs to hardware (labour only)
Installation of Hardware* ✔ up to 5 units ✔ up to 5 units ✔ unlimited
*5 units are the realistic number of devices that can be setup in a standard visit without an impact on other service items.
Free emergency call-outs
Web filtering reporting
Responsible Equipment Recycling
Proactive Monitoring of Essential Services*
*Essential Services include checking the following: SOLUS3, CCTV,UPS, Remote Backups, Local Backups, System State Backups, NAS Health, WIFI Status, Internet Line Status,  Read/write disk speeds of Server(s), RAID Array Health, Antivirus, Filtering Report & WSUS
Consultation and Advice
3rd Party liaison
Website Maintenance
Remote Support for Staff devices between visits
Asset Tagging
SLA Enhanced Standard Essential
Bi-Weekly 4hr £12890 £9671 £8220
Bi-Weekly 3hr £9425 £7540 £6409
Weekly 4hr £6685 £5348 £4546
Weekly 3hr £5065 £4052 £3444
Fortnightly 3hr £2685 £2147 £1825
Monthly 4hr £2147 £1815 £1502
3rd line Support (Monthly 3hr)   £1502  


Rates From

Fortnightly 3hr


Weekly 3hr


Weekly 4hr


Bi-Weekly 2 x 3hr


Bi-Weekly 2 x 4hr


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